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“The Dope Genius Society is an online community of individuals from all different walks of life that share the same common goal of being our best business selves by continuously investing in our professional development so that we can nurture, enhance, and perfect our gifts, strengths, and talents.”

Bianca Shellie-Robinson

Creator of the Dope Genius Society

What makes this society different from other membership programs?

In this community we have an eclectic mix of individuals from all different backgrounds who have many different skill sets that can help you put the missing pieces of your puzzle together. The amazing thing about this community is that it allows you to interact with non like-minded individuals that you normally wouldn’t engage with. There are advantages to a network comprised of others who DO NOT look, think, and talk just like you…

How are you growing and diversifying your mindset and skill set? With a society of non-like minded individuals, you can tap into professionals who fit your target market, understand your business, and you can synergize with for fresh ideas all in the same community!


My name is Bianca Shellie-Robinson and I am the creator of The Dope Genius Society and I am here to aid you in this new journey. You might know me from owning my consulting firm, Cayden Cay Consulting, or you read my blog, The Bianca Experience, or maybe your dope friend or family member told you about this amazing community and you wanted to know more. I want to say that I appreciate you coming over here to see what we offer.

What made you come up with Dope Genius Society?

I have traditional education but I use very non-traditional methods in my business life and they have took me very far. I have learned how to take my education and corporate principles and package them in a one size fits all model because I have mastered how to take complicated topics and break them down in a way that even my 11 year old step son can fully comprehend it. Most communities are for a certain type of individual. If you’re in the arts, you go here. Culinary, here. Accounting, here. Social Media, here.

I have yet to see a membership program that encompasses a little bit of everything and this is what this membership program is about.

Having people from all different walks of life come together and pour into one another to help them become a very well rounded person in different areas of their life.

So one month, I might have angel investor as my speaker for the month telling you how to get capital for your business and the next month I might have restaurant owner telling you how to start your restaurant business and go live and give you a cooking class too.

This membership program has something for everybody!

Bianca Shellie-Robinson

Creator of  the Dope Genius Society

Meet and get to know others in The Dope Genius Society.
Develop new strategies and dedicated accountability partners.
Get direct access to expert information from established industry leaders.
If you are ready, let’s get started!

Let’s talk price. How much?

Membership cost varies per tier and  begins at $9 for The Bookworm – see below for everything that is included at each membership level.

Membership Has It’s Perks

Each month you will get a mixture of:

Client Success Stories

Bianca is amazing at what she does! I was in her EmployeePreneur program which helped aspiring entrepreneurs transition into business ownership. During the time, I learned a great deal about conducting business. She made sure I was equipped with all the tools needed to succeed in my industry.

Jennifer Jenkins


Bianca helped me so much during our strategy session! She was able to fill in all of the gaps in my knowledge based and help me make sense of the I could be using.

Dee Johnson

Relationship & Management Solutions

My strategy session with Bianca was eye opening to say the least! I thought I was on the right track with writing content. She gave me the guide for writing converting content. I used the strategy she gave me in 1 session and booked my first premium clients!

Pamela Nicole Dukes

Awakening Aspiration

Successful people plan to succeed on purpose.

Do I have to be available for live teachings?

Nope. Everything will be in the portal and you can review it at your leisure. You do get the opportunity to ask questions during the live sessions so try and make them live so you can get your questions answered.

I have full schedule and time doesn’t seem to be on my side right now so will I get left behind?

Absolutely NOT! This membership is self paced – you decide when you start, when you take a break, and when you finish. Every month we will add new content so whenever you have some time, all the information you need is there. Don’t stress out, I got you.

How long do I have access to the content in the membership?

Forever, Forever-ever, Forever-ever! You have unlimited access to everything in the society . You simply must maintain your membership to keep forever access.

Is one on one help available if needed or do I only get what the membership offers?

We offer a lot of good resources in the membership program but I would love to help you in whatever aspect that I can so we can definitely work together on a one on one basis. The great thing about it is you get 30% off all one on one sessions so yay you.

How does membership work?

Once you’ve joined and created your account, you’ll have access to the private portal that contains everything you need. You’ll also be able to connect with other members through our private Facebook forum where we discuss, engage, and pour into one another.

What happens once I register?

Once you become a member, you’ll create a username and password which will give you immediate access to the content associated with your membership.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Certainly. We’ll hate to see you go— but yes, you’re free to cancel anytime (email me first please before you decide to go). No refunds are available for payments made up to cancellation as access has already been granted.

Is there a special membership for college students?

Yes! When enrolled in the Nerd Gang which is ideal for college students, additional training and support designed just for college students is also included.

Join Our Online Community

Bookworm Membership: $9/Month

Nerd Gang Membership: $19/Month

Get Money Squad Membership: $49/Month

Wealth Builders Membership: $129/Month