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My name is Bianca Shellie-Robinson and I am a Managing Partner at Cayden Cay Consulting.

I have been a full-time entrepreneur for 5 years but have had many side hustles and side businesses for the past 12 years.

I use my corporate background and principles to educate business owners on how to implement effective processes and procedures in their business so they can focus on scaling up in their business. I do this by creating and implementing a custom workflow strategy in conjunction with efficient time management processes which will allow business owners time to create revenue generating products and/or services which will increase the overall business bottom line.

So to sum that up, I will help you come up with different streams of income in your current business which will give you more cash flow.  I also teach corporate professionals how to transition into part-time CEOship because I believe that full-time entrepreneurship isn’t for everybody but part-time entrepreneurship is. I can help you monetize your gifts, strengths, and talents.

I have worked with many companies during my employee to entrepreneur journey such as  Com Ed, Cook County, Mercedes, BMW, University of Illinois, and many others so I am very well versed in building small mom and pop companies as well as established organizations.

Client Stories

Bianca helped me so much during our strategy session! She was able to fill in all of the gaps in my knowledge based and help me make sense of the I could be using.

Dee Johnson

Relationship & Management Solutions

Bianca is amazing at what she does! I was in her EmployeePreneur program which helped aspiring entrepreneurs transition into business ownership. During the time, I learned a great deal about conducting business. She made sure I was equipped with all the tools needed to succeed in my industry.

Jennifer Jenkins


My strategy session with Bianca was eye-opening, to say the least! I thought I was on the right track with writing content. She gave me the guide for writing converting content. I used the strategy she gave me in 1 session and booked my first premium clients!

Pamela Nicole Dukes

Awakening Aspiration