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Client Testimonials
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Bianca knows her stuff! I heard Bianca speak and knew instantly that she was someone I needed to work with. She helped me grow my business by giving me small tangible tasks to complete. Things really shifted for me once I started working with her.


C T.


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Cayden Cay Consulting is my life line when it comes to my business!! BIANCA KNOWS WHAT IT TAKES!!! She's a no fluff all facts person!! I absolutely adore her and recommend her to everyone!!


Myia M.


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Bianca has helped me step out of my comfort zone and reach a wider audience. I've been following her for almost 3 years and was determined to book a class, and session with her. She knows her stuff and has been a very vital piece to the increase in my business.


Mia C.


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I have purchased several items from Bianca and her team and have been very pleased with her services and the results I received from her webinars, trainings, and seminars. She has a very clear cut plan, that If you follow will drive results and increase your revenue. I started with Bianca's 30 day business training, then used her pitch course to secure 14 workshops for my business within 2 months of using her training's. She knows her stuff and get's results. I would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone looking to increase systems, processes and revenue in their business.


Nicole B.

Grayson, GA

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If you are need of an extra push or guidance in your business, Bianca is the woman to call. She is so awesome at what she does. During my first session, she got me all the way together. I look forward to working with her more.


Victoria G.

Dallas, TX

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Cayden Cay Consulting has played a critical part in the growth of my business I have learned a lot of the fundamentals needed in order to be successful. I have grown so much by implementing all of the things I needed to grow. I would highly recommend CCC to anyone looking to grow their business!




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Bianca is and will always be A1 in my book. I was so stuck with my business and I had so many ideas. I had a one on one with her—make sure you have pen and paper ready. She's going to give you the necessary, simple steps to crush what you were trying to do. Bianca helped me realize where I will be getting the most money from and how I can get money with what I already have. If it's not working, it may be another way to sell it. Just ask Bianca, book her real quick!


Kelley W.

La Marque,TX

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Bianca has helped me to remember to keep it simple and just try different things. She is successful because she tries way more things than I have. She has confirmed for me that I need to get out of my own way, turn my cocky up and own the BOSS that I already am.


Lisa K.

Leesburg, GA

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I enjoy working with Cayden Cay Consulting. It's not just a consultation, it's an experience! When I first came to Bianca. I learned very quickly how unorganized my business really was. I assumed my systems were on point. She has really done an amazing job with creating programs to help get your business processes and procedures on the right track and has effortlessly created challenges to help you build your finances. I consider myself more than just a repeat client. I am a loyal subscriber.


Danielle W.


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Bianca is amazing! She's helped me in my business and personal life. She's very knowledgeable and an expert in her field. She adds real value and will transform your business to produce profit. I've bought various products and scheduled consultations with her and they're all helped me in scaling my business. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone looking to expand, grow and excel in their business.


Kheiston T.

Cerritos, CA

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Bianca is the bomb!!! I didn't even know what an elevator pitch was or how to approach clients until I found her on FB! Her LIVE posts are so informative. She offers new and struggling entrepreneurs so much free help through her post! Because of her I know what to do and what not to do in business. She has helped my business exponentially. Get with Bianca if you money ain't flowing...she'll get you together

real quick!


Britt L.


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Before Bianca, my business was a startup. I had the LLC, logo, website but I wasn't reaching anyone to purchase. Working with Bianca helped me realize that I needed systems in place and to get out my comfort zone. She also helped me realized that my wording wasn't attracting the right people because I hadn't narrowed my target audience. Be prepared to do the work and listen to her during the process. If you put in the work and continue with it, you will succeed.


Coach A.

Plam Shores FL

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I had a few Business Strategy Sessions with Bianca and I was pleased with the outcome of each. If you need help scaling your business to the next level Bianca will help you get there. She knows her stuff!


Vivian R.

Dolton, It

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Bianca is absolutely amazing. I've attended multiple training sessions to include 1:1 training. Bianca knows what she's doing! You must do the work to see the desired results. She's going to push you to your limit and make you reevaluate your priorities! It's all worth it in the end!


Toni B.

Honolulu, Hi

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Cayden Cay Consulting is by far the best investment an organization or entrepreneur will make to assist with growing their business. Bianca is highly recommended and her expertise will teach you how to maximize your time to exceed all business goals. I encourage you to take time and connect with this company.


Jennifer A.

Chicago, IL

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