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We Are Revenue 

Diversification Experts. 

Cayden Cay Consulting is an Operational Management Firm that specializes in helping Industry Experts, specifically those In Professional Service,  transition into a  Lifestyle Business Model by leveraging their

Influence, Impact and, Intellectual Property. 

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Contrary To Popular Belief...

The truth is, you love what you do but you’ve fallen out of love with doing it because you’ve overexerted yourself so much to the point where you might be on the cuff of even want to give up.

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The Good News Is...

We have a team of top business consultants and project managers that help the overworked, burn-out, on-edge 6 and 7 figure earners transition their lifelong work into a lifestyle business model that affords them the ability to work less and make more money by capitalizing on their impact, influence, and intellectual property the RIGHT way.

Our Advice That You Didn't Ask For...

Well, you’ve already done the hard part: you’ve acquired the notoriety and built a name in your industry as being The BEST, which makes you a Thought Leader!


Now, it’s time for us to design your supporting infrastructure so that you can finally make the profit you desire and deserve.


Our overall goal is to give you the ability to take all of the knowledge you’ve acquired over the years and make the knowledge work for you, instead of you having to work for it.


What We Do Best

We serve those that operate in excellence, not perfection to increase their impact, influence, and income by developing multiple streams of income in their current business model.


You don’t need 7 separate businesses (7 sources of income)  like the gurus will tell you - you just need one business that is diversified enough to give you 7 streams of income.

How Can We Help You?

The easiest way we can tackle this is to explain what we’ve done in the past so you can clearly see the work in action!


We  work with many professional service providers that strictly make money by directly trading time for income but have built a 6 and 7 figure profit by operating in their excellence doing just that.

Our Mission

Private Client
Case Studies

Let’s suppose you’re a top Real Estate Agent.


If you sold 60 houses in 60 days, 72% of your clientele is repeat, you run a 7 figure business with a team of 3, and you can get a house sold in 21 days or less - These results are due to you developing your own methodology, which makes you a thought leader in your industry… and THAT is what we package.


We present the results you provide as you operate in your area of genius in a new format.

Meet our Client: Quiana Watson and Sharelle Rosado


Created A 6 Figure Digital

Income Stream in 90 Days



Created A 7 Figure Membership In Just 6 Months



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300 Members Enrolled In Membership in Less Than 48 Hours 


Maybe you’re in the MLM space and you have become one of the top earners in the industry.


You’ve developed a loyal following that believes in the mission you stand behind via your MLM products and services.


To develop this tribe, you have to create a framework and mechanisms to support the people under you in your organization - designating you as a thought leader in your industry.

Taking the unique value proposition you present due to your MLM affiliation, and transforming that influence into your own brand is what we will monetize.

Meet our Client: Natalie Graham



We Created A Coaching & Consulting Division within the Fire Department


Perhaps you’re already a top leader in an organization, and other organizations find out about the systems and methodology you use to create enviable results as a leader.

Even though other organizations in your industry exist, they can’t boast the same results - you’ve taken the general information you’ve been given and developed a unique methodology to carve your space in the marketplace which gives you exceptional results; unlike your peers.


We will position your mastery of your area of genius into an infrastructure that allows you to earn more by maximizing your impact and influence as an industry leader.

Meet our Client: Landon Wade


How We Serve Our Clients

At Cayden Cay Consulting, we teach business owners how to think and operate like a Fortune-500 company, even if you are a small agency or a team of a few.

Over the past 10 years we’ve helped thousands of clients worldwide to increase their thought leadership ability, which lead to them having:

  • A stronger brand presence

  • A diversified business model

  • Higher paying clientele

  • Multiple 6-7 figure earnings

  • The flexibility to live the life they deserve and desire

What We Do

Our Unique Methodology 

We display our proven core framework in our three foundational divisions, which are Business Consulting, Project Management, and Business Development. 

We provide a comprehensive development experience through executive consulting and business diversification strategies.


Our Clients

Screen Shot 2022-11-28 at 12.41.26 PM.png

We Have Thousands Of Client Testimonials

On All Platforms Combined 

Testimonials & Case Studies

Corporate Client
Case Studies



Developed A Business Training

Academy For Credit Card Users 




Managed The Sub Contractors on a 10 Million Dollar Project


You don’t love what you do anymore because you’re the main driving force. 

No one can step up to support you because you ARE the secret sauce.


This brand has been developed around YOU, so now clients don’t want to work with your associates or your team. It was great in the beginning, but over the years this is the essence that has caused your burnout. 

We want you to now be in a position where you work with clients because you want to not because you trade your time for money.

Transitioning your current framework to a lifestyle business model will give you that! I want you to generate enough profit to allow you to live and work anywhere earning a capitalist income.

We want to build out quality support so that you can still work with clients, but you have diversified your revenue streams so that now you have the ability to choose.

Ready to take your business to the next level?

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